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These resources give an insight into a range of global sexual harm policies. The policies here provide recommendations and direction that can help with developing a successful sexual harm policy in a range of crucial areas (such as consent support, discourses and evaluation).

  • Stop Sexual Harassment on Campus's roundup of each New Zealand university's policies and support options.

  • Respect. Now. Always: Have we changed the course? A webinar featuring an expert panel of speakers from across Australia and New Zealand.

  • University of Sydney Student Sexual Misconduct Policy. (Australia, 2018.) Easy-to-follow policy for addressing sexual assault and harassment, focusing specifically on students, including information on disclosure, complaints, recommended procedures and active bystander intervention.

  • University of California Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Policy. (US, 2022.) Sexual violence and sexual harassment policy implemented across all employees, undergraduate, graduate and professional students; clearly prohibiting sexual harassment. This policy is comprehensive and good practice in the US.

  • Toronto Metropolitan University Sexual Violence Policy. (Canada, 2016.) Clear and concise policy, including consent, support, handling disclosures and complaints procedures.


  • Ride Sharing Sexual Assault Safety Guide. (US, 2022). This guide discusses the prevalence of sexual assault in rideshare apps, lawsuits and legal action against major ride-sharing platforms, and safety measures that Lyft and Uber passengers can take to avoid unwanted sexual contact.


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