Up-stander intervention

Learning how to be an up-stander or an active bystander is an important aspect in fostering cultural change regarding sexual abuse around campus.

Below are a range of awareness campaigns, videos and other resources identify the importance of being an up-stander and speaking up about sexual abuse.  

  • The Empowerment Trust has programmes for people of all ages that focus on developing skills to help recognise potentially harmful situations or interactions and choose to respond in a way that could positively influence the outcome. In real-life situations, it can be hard to know whether and how to speak up and step in. Programmes include face-to-face workshops, resources, toolkits and e-learning will be available shortly. https://empowermenttrust.nz/resources/teenpower-violence-prevention-toolkit/

  • Who are you? Video on bystander intervention. Powerful Aotearoa New Zealand video showing multiple situations when people could have intercepted to stop a sexual abuse situation from occurring. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zr1oxEbdsw

  • Who are you? Toolkit This Aotearoa New Zealand toolkit focuses on bystander intervention including consent, rape myths, definitions, overcoming barriers, supporting a friend, skills and resources. Free to download and could be facilitated by students. http://www.whoareyou.co.nz/product/who-are-you-toolkit/

  • Rape Prevention Education. Aotearoa NZ website covering a range of topics such as consent, sexual violence, rape culture, harmful sexual behaviour, porn, self care, and active bystanding. Covers programmes focused on secondary schools including Bodysafe, Mates & Dates, and professional development. https://rpe.co.nz/

  • Bystander intervention – Sexual assault prevention and bystander awareness programme (US). Step Up: Be More than a Bystander, is an award-winning bystander intervention programme, using 5 steps to teach students how to intervene in situations including sexual assault, alcohol abuse, mental health emergencies and hazing. https://stepupprogram.org/

  • Princeton University Bystander intervention (US) Easy to navigate website that identifies and explains 5 stages of bystander intervention. https://umatter.princeton.edu/action-matters/care-others