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Support services


National and local support services can help in a range of sexual harm situations. National services are listed below.

  • Police | Phone 111.

  • Safe to talk | 24/7 sexual harm helpline that offers free confidential contact with trained specialists who can help connect you to support services (including the Cambridge Clinic) in your community. You can contact them by phone, webchat, text or email. Phone: 0800 044 334,

  • The Harbour | Website for people affected by sexual abuse or offending, their families and whānau, offering information about and links to resources and support services

  • ACC Sensitive Claims Unit | Provides support and funded counselling services to help with emotion and trauma with a focus on sexual abuse survivors.

  • MEDSAC  Medical Sexual Assault Clinicians | National organisation of doctors and nurses, formed in 1988 to develop and maintain standards of best practice in the delivery of medical and forensic services in the area of sexual assault and abuse. MEDSAC provides education, training and information about clinical service provision around the country.

  • Support for children and young people who are victims/survivors of sexual violence or display concerning or harmful sexual behaviour. (Oranga Tamariki Evidence Centre, 2020). 


  • Shakti | National not-for-profit community organisation specialising in women’s development, empowerment and domestic/family violence intervention, prevention and awareness. Specialist provider of culturally competent support services for women, children and families of Asian, African and Middle Eastern origin. 24/7 crisis helpline 0800 742 584.

  • Houhou te Rongo Kahukura – Outing Violence | Set up to meet the needs of LGBTQIA+ communities.


  • 1737 | Free call or free text 1737 anytime 24/7 to talk or text with a trained counsellor or peer support worker.

  • Lifeline | Free 24/7 telephone helpline 0800 543 354.

  • Netsafe | Helping New Zealanders keep safe online.

  • TOAH-NNEST  Te Ohaakii a Hine – National Network Ending Sexual Violence Together | National network of specialist services for sexual violence prevention and intervention. For regional services and local help, select a region from the map and a service from the tabs.

  • NZPC  New Zealand Sex Workers' Collective | National organisation providing support, counselling and advocacy to workers in the sex industry. Christchurch office has a free sexual health check-up service for sex workers. Operates as a drop-in centre for anyone needing support. PUMP  Pride and Unity for Male Prostitutes is the male sex worker project for NZPC and provides support specific for men in the industry.


  • Supporting transgender survivors of sexual violence: Learning from users' experiences. Rymer S and Cartei V (2015). Critical and Radical Social Work, 3(1), 155-164. Research project on supporting trans* survivors of sexual violence. Describes many common barriers to receiving support.



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